Surveillant Fire Limited

Worried SURVEILLANT FIRE LIMITED MD/CEO Caution On Incessant Fire Outbreaks

The MD/CEO of SURVEILLANT FIRE LIMITED Mr Jumade Adejola, who is a certified fire prevention engineer has offered advice to the citizens over incessant cases of fire incidents which has become almost a daily occurrence in the state.

Mr Adejola in a statement he personally signed advised that citizens should take preventive measures in order to avert or minimize cases of fire outbreaks ravaging the State.

In a statement issued by the MD/CEO of SURVEILLANT FIRE LTD, Mr Adejola said that statistics at the his disposal revealed that the major causes of fire incidents in Lagos State were basically among other things: harmattan season, bush burning, electricity power surge and carelessness.

Others are over-speeding by trucks that are not even well maintained, overloading of trucks and potholes and so on. He expressed regrets over the incessant incidents.

Mr Adejola cautioned the public to avoid these acts adding that “bush burning, reckless driving especially by trucks laden with inflammable substances, and overloading, which incessantly caused electric sparks when in contact with public power cables hovering across the highways.


He advised residents of the state to always switch off all electronic appliances in their homes and various offices when not in use to avoid fire incidents caused by electric power surge.

Mr Adejola regretted that the resultant effects of these fire incidents include loss of lives, injuries to persons and destruction of buildings and belongings. He even lamented that due to carelessness of many by buying non-certified fire extinguishers have made them loose their life saving to fire.

Numerous property worth billions of naira, were also lost thereby subjecting the victims to untold hardships.
He advised to buy only certified products from the reliable distributors as Surveillant Fire Ltd as this will help everyone to trace back where the equipment are gotten from instead of patronizing hawkers in the traffic.