Surveillant Fire Limited

Surveillant Fire Academy

Fire is a phenomenon that all of us can readily recognise, but the majority of people fail to fully understand, once started, it can grow at an alarming rate and rapidly threaten both life and property. The potential for a fire to occur exists within every daily activity, not least when people are at work

The hazards from fire can pose a significant threat to business. Every year people die and many more are injured by fires that occur in the workplace. The financial costs of a fire can be equally devastating. Annually the cost to business through fire runs to many billions of naira, and companies are all too often unable to recover from its catastrophic effects.

Clearly it makes sound business sense to ensure your employees know what to do in the event of fire, but more importantly how to prevent fires occurring in the first place. Current legislation requires employers to provide adequate training in fire awareness/ safety for all members of their staff.

The Surveillant Fire Limited is recognised nationwide as a leading authority in the field of fire safety. Its strengths are based on many years of experience in this subject, coupled with the combined expertise of a highly trained workforce. It is on this basis that a training unit is born – SFA – SURVEILLANT FIRE ACADEMY

The company works in close partnership with a variety of organisations both locally and internationally to help make Nigeria a safer country and our commercial training activities form a vital part of this overall aim.