Surveillant Fire Limited

District Cooling & Sewage Treatment Plants

The Closed Bulb sprinklers manufactured by NAFFCO can effectively protect the AHU (Air Handling units) and cooling fans. The Extra Low voltage System consisting of detectors, sensors and sounders are highly dependable for the detection of different types of fires and notification at these mechanical complexes.

The control rooms have the UL listed gas suppression System to protect them against fire out breaks. The machine towers in STPS are protected by NAFCCO’s UL listed Landing valves & Duralex hoses. The process stations like chlorination stations, water treatment stations etc. are offered protection by our high caliber Fire Extinguishers and Hydrants.

  • Fire Water Pumps
  • Fire Fighting
  • Water Spray System
  • Gas Suppression System (IG, FM-200, CO2 System)
  • Fire Alarm/Detection
  • Foam System
  • Gas Detection System
  • Fire Hydrant Networks
  • Pipes and Fittings (HDPE, GRE)