Surveillant Fire Limited

NAFFCO manufactures a vast range of firefighting equipment that consist of internationally certified extinguishers, hoses, reels, valves, risers and fire hydrants along with water-based, gas-based, foam-based, powder-based and wet chemical fire suppression systems that repress and quell fires quickly.

NAFFCO also manufactures fire detection System (Omega, infiNet, Legacy series) with immensely dependable detectors, sensors and sounders to identify and handle fires in the earliest of stages. All these products are tested rigorously to ensure their quality is top-notch to provide optimal safety and security across all platforms and structures.

Desalination plants execute the process of obtaining clean water from the salty ocean water, either by reverse osmosis or by large scale distillation, for potable or domestic use. NAFFCO has fixed splendid products and solutions at these plants to combat and quell fires effectively.

The Wet barrel hydrant and its accessories are utilized to provide optimal protection against fires. The oil filled transformers are safe guarded by NAFFCO’s High Velocity Spray nozzles that are in compliance with the international safety standards.

  • Fire Water Pumps
  • Fire Fighting
  • Water Spray System
  • Gas Suppression System (IG, FM-200, CO2 System)
  • Fire Alarm/Detection
  • Foam System
  • Gas Detection System
  • Fire Hydrant Networks
  • Fire Doors
  • Pipes and Fittings (HDPE, GRE)