Surveillant Fire Limited

Airport & Hangars

Airport & Hangars

Airports have a lot of commuters and experience a great deal of activity It is imperative that they be installed with products of utmost reliability and exceptional quality.

The ceiling level protection of a hangar is provided by our quick response Closed Head Sprinklers in association with High Expansion Foam Discharge devices.

NAFFCO’s video image smoke and flame detectors render excellent response in fire detection and cover a wide range, mainly above and below the wing of the aircraft. The control rooms are being protected by our impressive UL listed clean agent FM-200 system.

  • Fire Water Pumps
  • Fire Fighting • Fire Hydrants
  • Gas Suppression System (IG, FM-200, CO2 System)
  • Fire Alarm / Detection
  • Foam System
  • Foam Monitors
  • Safety & Security Equipment
  • Fire Trucks and
  • Aircraft Rescue Vehicles