Surveillant Fire Limited

Survelliant Boss, Jumade Reveals Why Fire Disaster Is Rampant

Managing Director of Surveillant Fire Limited, Engr. Jumade Adejola, has revealed that the reason for the rampant fire outbreaks across our cities is because they fail to acquire fire control technologies like Fire extinguisher, Fire Hydrants and other similar technologies.

The Surveillant Fire boss made this known at a recent press conference in Lagos.

The fire safety experts said that those who have and still fall victims are those that do not know how to utilize them or lack the suited equipment.

Engr Jumade stated that not all fire extinguishers are original and those that are original may not be well suited for the purpose it is to serve.

He emphasized that there are different kinds of fire extinguishers meant for specific purposes. He urged Nigerians to seek professional means to acquire fire and security control systems.

On how to salvage fire hazards, he advised individuals to create a home inventory of items that could be destroyed in a fire.

The experts urged Nigeria’s to stop buying fake fire extinguisting products.

Engr. Jumade however, blame the government for failing to adequately enforce legislations made to curb the act of erecting building without installing every necessary fire and security system.