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The NAFFCO Pre-piped Bladder tank is an integral component of balanced pressure proportioning system. Its operation requires no external power other than a pressurized water system. NAFFCO bladder tank, with an appropriate proportioner, injects foam concentrate into the water supply of a fire protection system and automatically proportions at wide range of flows and pressures.NAFFCO Pre-piped Foam bladder tank is a steel pressure vessel fitted with an Internal Elastomeric bladder that stores foam concentrate. During operation, the concentrate is discharged by incoming water pressure to the bladder tank until the concentrate is depleted. The bladder tank discharges foam concentrate at approximately the same pressure as the water supplied at the water inlet connection to the tank. since the bladder tank is pressurized, the bladder should not be refilled during operation.

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  • UL listed
  • Pre-piped bladder tank offers the foam system designer fixed dimensions and eliminates uncertainty during sizing of foam equipment room and piping layout.
  • Pre-fabricated foam bladder proportioning system eliminates loose components and simplifies the installation.
  • Bladder is manufactured of a vinyl based polymer as per ASTM D-412 with a Tensile strength of at least 3000psi and ASTM D-624 with tear strength of at least 420lbs/in.
  • Tanks are supplied with Brass trim valves and Teflon seats.
  • All valves are labeled with working position and function.
  • Permanently welded lifting lugs for easy tank movement and positioning.
  • Designed for Maximum agent discharge
  • Tanks are oversized to allow thermal expansion of foam concentrate if any
  • Tanks are supplied with label identifying foam concentrate type, percentage ratio and tank size
  • Tanks are Externally RED enamel coated and Internally Coal tar Epoxy coated.


NAFFCO Foam bladder tank system is a complete self-contained proportioning system consisting of a bladder tank, ratio controller, and assembled piping. The bladder tank shall be constructed in accordance to ASME code Section VIII, for unfired pressure vessels with a working pressure of 175psi (12bar) and tested to at least 228psi (15.7bar). The tanks are fabricated to nominal capacity and overall dimensions are indicated in corresponding data sheet. The tank shall be constructed of steel complying with ASME code having a Tensile strength of not less than 70,000psi (4827bar). The tank contain a flexible bladder manufactured of vinyl based polymer as per ASTM D-412 with a Tensile strength of at least 3000psi and ASTM D-624 with tear strength of at least 420lbs/in.The bladder material is tested by Underwriter’s Laboratory for compatibility with the agent to be used. This Bladder separates the foam concentrate from the incoming water. The tank can be supplied in Horizontal and Vertical configuration and shall be mounted on permanently attached saddle supports with holes for mounting bolts.The tank shall has perforated PVC schedule 80 center discharge piping, located within the bladder, to ensure that foam concentrate flows to the bottom discharge. A section of 1-inch I.D. rubber hose installed between the bladder and tank shell, shall extend from the water vent to the water drain connection, preventing bladder obstruction at these openings.The ratio controller (RC) is a flanged style for mounting in Schedule 40 pipe between two 150 # flat or raised flanges of the same nominal size as the RC. The RC is cast bronze or Stainless Steel and shall be rated for a Working pressure of 175psi (12 bar). A ¼” (6.35 mm) female NPT port for sensing water pressure at the inlet to the ratio controller water orifice shall be incorporated into the casting. Each ratio Controller is automatically proportions over the range indicated on flow range chart without any manual adjustment. The foam concentrate inlet shall contains a calculated foam concentrate metering orifice allowing for proper proportioning. The ratio controller is pre-piped to the bladder tank.All external piping shall be Schedule 40, and is St. Steel for foam concentrate and Carbon steel for water. Brass or bronze ball valves is supplied, and is complete with identification labels on the handles. Tank includes all necessary drain and vent valves, pressure relief valve, and tank content/identification labels. External surfaces of tank and piping are coated with RED Enamel finish.