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Portable CO2 Fire Extinguishers – CE, Marine Approved

NAFFCO Mobile CO2 fire extinguishers are characterized by their high performance and simple method operation. They are suitable for fires involving flammable liquids, gases and electrical equipment.

Effective for Class B, C & E. Suitable for Class B fire risks.

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    • Carbon dioxide in gaseous agent, colourless, odourless / non-toxic and provide rapid knock down of industrial fire. It is capable of fighting Class B fire effectively.
    • Cylinders compliance to council directive 97/23/EC (PED) and Statutory instrument 1999 No. 2001 is certified by BSI (0086).
    • Certified by BSI under marine equipment directive.
    • Seamless steel body (Lightweight).
    • High quality polyester paint.
    • Controlled discharge.
    • Brass head valve with simple squeeze operations provided with pressure relieve disc
    • Rechargeable & easy to service.
    • Non-conductive agent for electrical use without risk to operator.
    • CO2 gas disappears quickly leaving no residue.
    • Swivel horn with no freeze burn, with greater directional control of CO2 discharge through horn rotation feature.
    • 2Kg is available with the 55B Fire rating as efficient as 5Kg unit.

    Ideal Use: Chemical manufacturing plant, oil rigs, rail yards, warehouses, construction sites, parking garages, airport, boat and docks, and large laboratories.

    Model Number NC2 NCS2 NCZ2 NC2A NC5 NC5A
    Extinguisher Capacity 2kg 2kg 2kg 2kg 5kg 5kg
    Propellant Self Propelling
    Fire Rating 34B 34B 55B 55B 55B 55B
    Working Pressure 55-60 Bar @ 25°C
    Maximum Operating Pressure 169 Bar @ 60°C
    Test Pressure 250 Bar
    Total Weight 8.2kg 8.3kg 8.3kg 4.9kg 17.5kg 12.1kg
    Range of Discharge 4-5m 4-5m 4-5m 4-5m 5-6m 5-6m
    Duration of Discharge 8-9 sec 8-9 sec 10-12 sec 10-12 sec 10-12 sec 10-12 sec
    Hose Length N/A 750mm
    Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
    Cylinder Material Carbon Steel Aluminium Carbon Steel Aluminium
    Height x Diameter (in mm) 610 x 101.6 610 x 101.6 610 x 101.6 572 x 111 760 x 139.7 698 x 152
    Approval CE, Marine Approved