Surveillant Fire Limited

Inline Balance Pressure Proportioner

The Inline Balance Pressure Foam Proportioners are used with positive displacement foam concentrate supply pump. The system controls accurately the flow of foam concentrate into the water stream over a wide range of flow rate and pressure.

The Inline Balance Pressure Foam Proportioning System is used for simultaneous operation of the multiple foam injection even with different pressures between the two injection point with a single concentrate supply line. Various sizes of inline balance pressure proportioners can be combined to suit the flow requirement of each hazard area.

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    Size Material Maximum
    Flow Rate (LPM)
    AFFF 3% ARAFFF 3/3%
    80 NB Bronze ASTM B62

    Stainless Steel (304)
    (ASTM A351-CF8)

    14 Bar
    (200 PSI)
    3.0 Bar
    (44 PSI)
    260 to 3000 680 to 2900
    100 NB 650 to 6000 1400 to 5800
    150 NB 1200 to 12000 2750 to 11600