Surveillant Fire Limited

Certified Fuel Tank

NAFFCO certified primary containment tank offers you a reliable solution for your fuel storage requirements related to fire pump diesel engine applications as required by NFPA 20. Design and fabrication of these tanks are done as per UL standard (UL 142), and installation and use shall be in accordance with NFPA 30.

Each tank is subjected to thorough structural inspections and leakage test as specified by the design standard. The tanks that successfully pass the inspection and test are labelled as per UL specifications confirming their UL certification. These cylindrical, horizontally mounted, tanks are provided with necessary fittings and openings to facilitate quality service at field.

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    Tank Capacity
    (US Gallons)
    Leg Width
    70 600 1050 430
    150 800 1250 575
    250 1000 1325 720
    310 1070 1450 768.5