Surveillant Fire Limited

Fire Detection

4 Pipe Aspirating Smoke Detector

Volt-free Fire-1 and Fault relay outputs are provided for remote monitoring by local fire detection or BMS systems

  • High sensitivity provided by laser based forward light scatter for reliable early warning
  • Four sampling pipes up to 200m (aggregate) in length (still air)
  • False alarms reduced by unique laser sensing technology – able to discriminate against dust
  • RS485 communications built in as standard for networking and remote communications
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Model FIRElink-400 is designed to provide very high sensitivity smoke detection using an aspirating technique. A unique sensing technology ensures that the detector operates at optimum sensitivity for the protected environment, without the need for complex set-up.

The detector is available in three formats, the standard detector (FIRElink-400), the standard detector plus Command Module (FIRElink-400CM) and a standalone Command Module (FIRElink-CM). The Command Module variants provide a single location display, control and interfacing option for systems of up to 127 detectors and allow global programming of all detector functions simultaneously.