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Just In: Fire Burns To Death Five Coronavirus Patients In Hospital’s ICU

Fire on Tuesday morning burnt to death five coronavirus patients in an Intensive Care Unit, ICU, of a Russian hospital.

The fire broke out from a short-circuit in a ventilator, Russian news agencies reported.

The incident happened at a hospital in Vyborg district of St. Petersburg.

All five victims were connected to ventilators at the time of the incident.

The country’s Ministry of Emergency Services disclosed that about 150 patients and staff were evacuated from the St. George City Hospital.

However, no definite figure yet for those injured.

“Preliminary inquiries revealed that an electric equipment malfunction and short-circuit failure were among the factors behind the fire,” ministry of emergency services reported.

Meanwhile, Russia is the third country with most COVID-19 cases globally.

Russia has more than 221,340 cases and 2,009 deaths.