Surveillant Fire Limited


It is noteworthy that every dry season comes with hazards ranging from flu to other health challenges. As if this is not enough, it also brings the hazard of possible loss of life and properties if precautions are not taken.

Nigerians have severally taken up the challenge to educate themselves, through various campaigns and promotions. It brought to fore the need to continue doing the campaign until lives are SAFER and properties SAVED. This underscores the theme of this year’s campaign. SAFE TO SAVE

The company through the Sales and business Development department is creating awareness for EVERY NIGERIAN HOME TO OWN A FIRE EXTINGUISHER at LEAST.

The campaign comes with an offer of FREE DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION WITHIN LAGOS and it is a 2 months long promotion.

In a statement released from the office of the CEO, Engr Jumade Adejola, He said “The promotion will bring about a safer Nigeria for all” He encourages both the public and private sector to take a grip of the opportunity to own a protection.