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Have you heard about Coronavirus?
In case you’ve been asleep for the last 2 months, Coronavirus is a contagious illness that’s been spreading like wildfire in almost every part of the world.
While we hope that it doesn’t become more serious in Naija, (there have only been two confirmed cases so far), and I’ve developed a small plan to keep us safe, in case of incasity
No more unnecessary body contact and crowded areas o. As for me, I’m saying bye-bye to handshakes and hugs. It’s to start waving from afar or using leg to greet friends and family for now.

You better join me. Let’s get used to washing and sanitizing our hands regularly. I know everybody is saying this, but it’s only because it’s important. Abeg.
There’s no getting through this without food, water, and any essential medication so it is recommended that we store a two-week supply of these things at home.
Lastly, friends – don’t waste time looking for face mask everywhere. Leave it for people showing symptoms – so they can protect others from the risk of getting infected.

There’s no need to get one if you aren’t sick before you start looking likegungun for no reason. 
That’s the plan sha. So if worst comes to worst and all of us are forced to stay indoors for a few days, no need to worry…